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Position Title: Youth Ministry Coordinator Status: Full-Time
Reports to: Church Leadership

1 Tim 4:12, 2 Tim 2:22, 1 Pet 5:5

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The primary function of the Youth Ministry coordinator is to coordinate and minister to the youth in Youth Ministry and work closely with the staff (team) of the ministry. The Youth Ministry serves high school and college students. The purpose of the Youth Ministry coordinator is to introduce the youth to Christ; to disciple them in spiritual growth; to train them in serving Christ with their life. Of equal importance is to assist parents or guardians in raising their kids to a wholesome maturity.  If necessary, the church leadership might give the Youth Ministry coordinator additional responsibility of coordinating the Children Ministry. If so, the Youth Ministry coordinator’s role will be limited to supporting and facilitating the activities of the leadership of Children Ministry.



  1. A Christ honoring life marked by personal holiness, prayer, bible studies, spiritual and emotional maturity and increasing dependence on the Holy Spirit (Titus 1:6-9, 1 Tim 3:1-7).
  2. A person with a concern for the lost and a passion for reaching children for Jesus.
  3. Unquestionable integrity specifically in areas of handling finances, relationships and time management.
  4. A man with a spirit of submission, eagerness, flexibility, reachability and sense of humor!



  1. Naturally shepherds with strong gifts in ministering to children, youth and their families.
  2. Must show a faithful pursuit of leadership characteristics as listed in 1Tim.3.
  3. He must see his position as having a strong desire to serve God in the position.
  4. Must have a degree in Theology/Christian Education, and a thorough knowledge of Bible.
  5. Knowledgeable in the areas of childhood development and needs.
  6. Sensitive to needs and pressures of children and youth with knowledge of possible solutions.
  7. Must be able to teach, train, and disciple volunteers.
  8. Must be able to exercise initiative and judgment as an independent worker.
  9. Must possess organizational and administration abilities.
  10. Skilled in worship leading and music (piano playing desirable but not necessary).
  11. Must be able to respond to changing needs throughout the daily and weekly schedule.
  12. Must subscribe to the Articles of Faith, Constitution and By-laws of AEEC and willing to become a church member.
  13. Proven experience in team building, envisioning and training people for ministry with a missional-attitude and focus.



  1. A) As a coordinator and minister of Youth Ministry (a primary function):


  • Build and maintain relationships with kids both churched and un-churched.
  • Evaluate personal life of youth and manage frequent visits to the youth.
  • Provide counseling to the youth and assist to achieve their individual goal.
  • Seek out opportunities to “hang out” with kids on campus or in the community.
  • Work with parents and prepare programs for spiritual growth of children.
  • Coordinate with parents on various activities and manage various Christian parenting roles.
  • Assure training and regular involvement of youth in church ministry for efficient implementation of programs.
  • Prepare programs to facilitate spiritual growth and encourage evangelism.
  • Involve students in the ministry of the church as a whole, supporting and participating in the church’s vision, worship services, and activities
  • Organize different programs (e.g. trainings, conferences, summer camps etc.) for the youth and encourage attendance.


  1. B) As a coordinator of Children Ministry (a secondary function, as needed):
  • Coordinate the Children Ministry and work closely with the leadership of the Children Ministry in planning and implementing the programs of their ministry.
  • Offer supervision and mentoring to the staff of the ministry.
  • Organize the various activities of the Children Ministry (e.g. Sunday school and special seasonal programs such as Back to School, Christmas, New Year, Easter, VBS etc.)
  • Manage and order Sunday school curriculum.
  • Set up all elements for Sunday morning processes (i.e. rosters, snacks and materials etc.)
  • Communicate appropriate information to parents.
  • Assist lead Kid’s Choir director in recruiting Kid’s Choir participants, helping with choir rehearsals, and communicating with parents for support during rehearsals and performances.
  • Attend and lead staff meetings.


  1. C) Additional responsibilities:
  • Prepare and administer the budgets of both ministries according to parameters that reflect the values in their vision and purpose.
  • Assure responsibilities are delegated and understood by the teams of both ministries.
  • With the input and support of teams of ministries, maintain a well planned, carefully balanced programs throughout the year coordinated with the church calendar of events.
  • Ensure that children and youth have their own parallel programs during conferences and other programs of the church.
  • Ensure tidy appearance and safe environment of the rooms and other areas used by both ministries are appropriately maintained.
  • Create avenues of consistent contact with parents (e-newsletters, parent meetings, etc.)
  • Network with other ministry workers in the community to sharing ideas and experiences.
  • May be required to attend the biweekly meetings of the church leadership.
  • Report the progress of both ministries to the church leadership every twice a year (his/her accountability is to the church leadership). Keep regular office hours.